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At Xtend we are aware that creating client-oriented software takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication and our firm hires only the very best to ensure you receive both. We know that every client is unique and we strive to deliver an individual, innovative and affordable proposal every time and to follow it through with an outstanding delivery which is both on time and within budget.

We have four years of development in Computer Engineering and we have gained client satisfaction in several countries (e.g. Egypt, Russia, Italy, Qatar, France, Croatia, Kuwait, and UAE) by getting their work done professionally and on time.

We analyze your requirements carefully so that you are neither over-promised nor under-delivered, keeping you updated with the project development phases while guaranteeing the transparency between you and the technical part of the job. We also pride ourselves on our after-sales client-care including our guarantees, staff-training and onsite and offsite support.

We are able to work with both existing and new projects, turning them into pixel-perfect fully functioning websites and apps. We are highly specialized in: - BACKEND: Python | Node.js | Java | C++ | C#/.NET ( core). - FRONTEND: Angular | ReactJS (flux, reflux, redux) | Vue.js | Electron | Vanilla JavaScript | TypeScript. - MOBILE: Flutter | React Native. - NoSQL: MongoDB | Cloud Firestore | DynamoDB | ... etc ... - SQL: MySQL | Microsoft SQL Server | PostgreSQL | Oracle. - Cloud-based development and deployment: AWS | Azure | Google Cloud | Heroku | ... etc ...

With our collaboration, we guarantee: - Flexible working hours based on your location. - Regular meetings and calls in a daily or weekly basis, and on-demand. - Daily email updates. - Quick response during working hours.

Xtend will always value your time and money, we ensures you a just-in-time delivery, with the highest quality and the lowest cost regardless of how complex your job is. we realize that you are very busy and wanted to thank you in advance for your time spent reviewing our profile. Now it is time to TALK YOUR QUESTION, AND LET US CODE THE ANSWER!


As a participation in the world's most critical issue this year, we have developed a self-assessment website to help determine whether a person should be tested for COVID-19 or not in Arabic Language. The decision tree has been deduced from Alberta Health Services test. COVID-19 Check

The code was written using NodeJS. The customer-service representative is able to push notifications, show pop-up forms in the user page to get information, redirect the user to another page, and other set of features.


Development and deployment of a full translation system using Python Flask and Amazon web services. The customer requirements was to develop a system that is able to web pages, texts, PPTX, and DOCX files.

A facial expression recognition developed using KERAS; The goal of the project is to apply deep learning techniques to recognize the key seven human emotions: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, surprise and neutrality. GitHub


Copying information from national ID card is needed in each and every place we go to everyday, either to record it or to fill it in an application form. An error in only one digit can delay an urgent process for days. Therefore, it is necessary to develop software capable of scanning the card rapidly, and with high accuracy, extracting personal information from it, and providing this information to the user to reduce the time needed for copying along with typos. This project performs its tasks using Python Open-CV libraries. GitHub

Mazad Alyoum is online auction house. With much Daily auctions in over much categories such as Books, Fashion, Jewelry, Stamps, Classic Cars, Design, Art, Ceramics, Musical Instruments, and Antiques, Mazad Alyoum is the number one platform for buying and selling collectibles. Using Mazad Alyoum's Auction App, you can take part in our unique auctions anywhere, anytime. App-Store

translation is a social media website based on the idea of Facebook. Through the website, you can add friends, navigate their profile pages, interact with their posts, join groups, and share your thoughts by either sending private messages or posting public posts.

This game software is developed by the programming language python with the use of OpenCV library for the GUI. It allows a player to play against the computer with three levels of difficulty. GitHub

Phase one: End to End algorithm implemented on an electric kids car.
Phase two: Autonomous car That is able to move from start to end point using an integrated GPS, following the road lane with object detection and recognition functionality. GitHub

Mustafa Fahmy

Backend Engineer

Aliaa Mahmoud

Software Engineer

Ola Hamdy

Computer Vision Engineer

Mustafa Atef

Software Engineer

Ahmad Waly

ML Engineer

Yousif Hmada

Backend Engineer

Shimaa Hassan

iOS Engineer